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Exclusive 10% for life discount for IAJN members

June 7th 2018
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IAJN Members get a lifetime discount of 10% per year on their health insurance policies through QBE & Safe Meridian.

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Access to quality healthcare is a universal concern in today’s world. Regardless of where you may live or travel, it is essential to have that access to care.

Globalis Plans from QBE Insurance and Safe Meridian, offer flexible, affordable, comprehensive international health insurance cover for individuals and families.

You can tailor your level of coverage from a range of plan design options. Your cover can range from the basics – hospitalization and emergency assistance services – to the most comprehensive plan, covering the full range of benefits including maternity, outpatient, wellness, dental, vision, and travel.

Policyholders are entitled to use Safe Meridian’s worldwide direct settlement network, and enjoy direct billing services in the event of a hospitalization or outpatient service, ensuring you are not left exposed for large, out-of-pocket expenses.

Our underwriting process is transparent and open, so you know exactly what is covered under your plan. We present all of our plan information in as clear a manner as possible, so your coverage is easy to understand.

Globalis Plans are underwritten by QBE Insurance, one of the world’s largest, most stable insurers. Plans are designed to provide you with sustainable, cost-effective cover for the long-term, and to ensure you have access to the highest level of healthcare facilities.

For a quote contact us at [email protected]