Branch Manager

Branch Manager

Job description, responsibilities and duties

We are looking for a smart and experienced individual to represent our China branch company and lead a local team of 7 young and talented professionals working in international education industry.

You are to become the second in command, reporting directly to the CEO of China branch company and take over the day-to-day management and oversight of the staff, the branch company and ongoing projects.

It is a serious responsibility yet an exciting opportunity for the right individual who will be taking over after the currently acting Head of China Office (expected 3 months transition period) and will nurture further growth and expansion (developing new and nurturing existing HR, clients, projects, suppliers, products).

- Report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of China branch company
- Keep the CEO fully informed in a timely and candid manner
- Assist the CEO in achievement of a competitive position within industry
- Present new ideas and strategies to CEO and Senior Management Officers
- Help to develop an annual plan that supports the company’s long-term strategy
- Design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures
- Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth
- Lead the team and the branch company toward sustainable profit and satisfaction
- Establish and nurture policies that promote branch company’s culture and vision
- Oversee daily operations and make adjustments as necessary
- Ensure the smooth functioning of all the processes in the branch company
- Solve any issues that (may) arise before any problems hamper daily work
- Lead employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication
- Build a great working environment for the employees
- Evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics
- Create/adjust/check/sign agreements with partners
- Coordinate with HR suppliers to recruit skilled talent and keep the best employees
- Participate in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances etc.)
- Manage relationships with clients, partners and local suppliers (international travel)

Employee perks, benefits

- Work in vibrant international business environment – our team comes from 8 different nationalities and conducts business with professionals from over 40 countries; we are and we work with international high level professionals from marketing and investment; 

- Established base line - we have developed solid professional values, standards and processes to sustain our further growth and development;

- Fantastic team of people – we are like a big family, we love to hang out together, organize attractive team buildings and create an extraordinary working atmosphere based on comradery, friendship and sense of belonging.

- Opportunity to travel and meet partners around the world - we travel frequently to China, Southeast Asia, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and many more);

- Special attention to professional development of your language, skills, career, through dedicated budget, training and couching program;

- Motivating reward structure including annual sales bonus that will not only be a promise before you are hired, but will be followed as mutually agreed in addition to full coverage of all major insurances and housing funds.

- Open Google-like working atmosphere and environment, with flexible work schedule around a mandatory core of 5 hours per day (from 10:00 to 15:00).

- Laptop
- Smartphone with monthly plan
- Flexible work time
- Home office (1x/week)
- Visa support (for expat candidates) & assistance for international travel
- Personal development and coaching with industry experts
- Regular team-buildings with the team in China and Europe
- Flight mileage program and access to business lounges

- Relocation package (if applicable)
- Profit sharing
- Annual sales bonus
- Monthly wellness contribution
- Comprehensive annual medical check (fully covered)
- Personal development budget
- International travel (4-star level, access to business lounges)
- Retirement contribution into private pension fund (extra)

Information about the selection process

We are looking for a solid company and team leader who wants to further develop and thrive while managing a company and team just like ours.

Please study us deeply and think carefully before applying and apply only "if you can read us and have our DNA". This is not a hit or miss game for a job position, but rather a very serious offer for solid consideration to a long-term mission.

Please, send us your CV and cover letter, both in English, along with any previous references, recommendations or achievements, in order to proceed to the next round.

If you need to move and change location because of this job, please talk to us about relocation package or visa support (if you are an expat).

Expected date of completion of the selection process

28 February 2018

Requirements for the employee

Candidates with education suit the position

University education (Bachelor's degree)
University education (Master's degree)
Postgraduate (Doctorate)

Language skills

English - Advanced (C1)

Other knowledge

Business correspondence - advanced
Invoicing - basic
Human Resources - basic
Microsoft Excel - advanced
Microsoft Outlook - advanced
Microsoft PowerPoint - advanced
Microsoft Word - advanced

Driving licence


Number of years of experience


Personality requirements and skills

Your values come first - you are committed leader, with proven loyalty, support and dedicated engagement, respectful to others and generous of spirit, seeing others before yourself, kind and just. 

Your ambitions come before skills - you can see big picture, you can think big, you compare with the best, you are passionate about goals, you are committed to excellence, you are far away from good, average or 
somehow, you identify with the likes of Jack Ma or Steve Jobs. 

Your skills carry following features - you are an entrepreneur, mobilizer, inspirational, intelligent, ethical, respectful, prudent, rigorous, observant, cool-headed, open, precise, analytical & tactical, keeping promises. 

You come from international business environment and you have a keen sense for intercultural awareness and communication. Our China branch is headed by EU executive staff and most of our colleagues come from Europe so having a solid understanding of intercultural working environment and being “China-smart” (knowing Chinese business culture) is a must. 

Ideally, you have been in senior, executive or C-level management position previously in an international company or joint venture. However, it is not a condition as you will undergo an initial training and induction (ca 3 months) into the role lead by the CEO of China branch company. 

Next lines are closely describing you - an ideal candidate - in core areas and within our spirit and corporate culture: 


- Personal background – you are a well-established individual with a stable environment
around you (family, local community, friends, personal network & guanxi). You have high
aspirations and goals and you are ready to work hard to achieve them even if it means
coming to office first and leaving last, day-to-day.

- High standards – you have a commitment to excellence for yourself and for your team. You
keep the standards high and you don’t sacrifice on the quality of people, processes and deliveries.

- Leadership - you can lead and inspire your team, but not through a cheap handbook
motivation - you have a true charisma and you lead by example. 

- Business acumen and balance - you are familiar with different views and dynamics between
CEO, COO, Management, Project Managers, Administration, and how to handle it with
respect and success. 

- Intercultural awareness – you are respectful and pay attention to cultural differences
within the team, able to integrate and communicate best practices from both Western and Eastern values and make everyone feel included and welcome.

- Management - you get things done, efficiently, and as a one team. You manage a team as
an "older brother", not as a "big brother". You have respect and dedicate time equally to
each individual in your team.

- Finances - you have experiences with corporate finances (ideally international). You are
prudent and deliberate when it comes to finances. You have good judgement, analytical
thinking and experiences in planning and reporting. Your numbers add up.


Your skills and previous experience matter to us and should include:
- Leadership skills and previous experience
- General knowledge of international business development
- Intercultural understanding and effective communication
- Strategic planning and implementation
- People and project management
- Sound judgement and decision making
- Critical thinking and problem solving
- Risk and crisis management
- Monitoring and performance assessment
- Coordinating and integrating
- Persuasion and negotiation skills
- Planning & management of financial resources
- Systematic development and evaluation
- Networking skills and public appearances
- Affection for international travel

31 Jan 2018



Tianjin, China

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