Software Architecht - Development Team

Software Architecht - Development Team


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent subject; Master's degree is a plus
  • 12+ years of IT experience with 8+ years of hands-on experience in application/system/platform/integration architectures
  • Experience as a full stack Architect with strong design skills in Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Node JS with extended experience in the latest front end frameworks such as (Reactjs/Redux)
  • Deep understanding of SQL and No-SQL technologies (Oracle, MySQL, Cassandra)
  • Ability todDesign, develop and deliver code to support new feature developments and enhancements in an agile environment
  • Ability to deliver code with unit tests and automated tests with all code to prove correctness, robustness, and scalability
  • Experiences with code refactoring, design patterns, design driven development, continuous integration, building highly scalable applications, application security
  • Deep understanding of IAM and secure coding practices
  • Experience evaluating SAAS products 

Who You'll Work With

You will work in our Gurgaon office as a member of our development team. You will work alongside managers and developers to help our clients build their capabilities and leadership skills at every opportunity.

What You'll Do

You will leverage an iterative foundation for a development function to deliver valuable experiences for our clients and colleagues.

You will pair up with the managers and developers to combine the latest open source technologies together with traditional enterprise software products. Together you will determine what is should feel like to take one step ahead in software development needs matching to the current technology.

You will be responsible for developing and delivering the technologies based on Java, JavaScript, Python 3, NodeJS and ReactJS etc. You will secure coding practices, code quality and engineering practices such as Test Driven Development, simple code, automated testing and deployments, continuous integration and continuous deployment. 

You will work collaboratively with UX, design and all the aspects of the engineering team to develop applications using RESTful APIs and modern front-end frameworks(ReactJS/Redux).

02 Oct 2017



[Gurgaon, India, India]

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Software Architecht - Development Team

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