People & Performance Manager

People & Performance Manager

People & Performance Manager – without you, we are incomplete!

As the head of human resources function, you will focus on Colliers greatest asset – people.  From recruitment to development, from performance management to retention, growing a performance based culture from the most junior to the most senior member.

You must embrace technology & automation for necessary HR transactions and spend majority of your time on value-add service to the organization, aligning management and team on business goals with compensation & benefits expectations.

As the business partner to the management, you have to ensure we are always in compliance and plan ahead to anticipate change to ready for the next big wave as always.  Our policies should reflect our reality and the business needs and should be our guiding principle of all behaviors with the flexibility to change with our environment.

Colliers is a multicultural organization with members working from different parts of the city and the country.  It is your team’s responsibilities to ensure we work as one with all fairness and celebrate each other’s culture and success in an international standard working environment.

We believe leadership at all levels and speaking up with substance substantiated with facts should be encouraged at all times.  It is also important to plan for contingency and succession in every function to enable cross function learning and promotion. We will always promote from within before we go outward for additional talent.

We are a solution based team, to our clients and to our colleagues.  “No” should not be the answer to any request but a prompt for further consideration of alternatives.  Our team deserves all the information necessary for them to feel confident with their employment at Colliers.

We consider our human resources function as an investment center rather than a cost center and as a result, you and your team will be measured for the returns you are able to bring to the organization.


General Requirements:

  • A university degree with additional training received in various HR areas over the years demonstrating your insatiable desire to continuous learning.
  • 3 years plus experience in a leadership role with a focus on performance management culture and has experience in leading such efforts in a small to medium size enterprise.
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Vietnamese and is a good listener. Having superior people skills demonstrated through your day to day interaction with the public.
  • Ability to multitask and to shift priorities where necessary to ensure attention is due where it is due when it is due.
  • Enjoy problem solving with a purpose and understand the value of planning as well as accepting changes as part of new normal in today’s business world.


What do we offer:

  • We are a pretty blend canvas and you are given the opportunity to paint our world rainbow with our guidance. We have the basic policies; we are in compliance and paying fair market wage. We aspire to have the most practical policies, in total compliance and be self-governed professionally and one day become an employer of choice no matter which way we are being measured, from C&B to company culture to industry expertise to business opportunities.
  • A management that is interested in mentoring you to be a better version of you as long as you are willing to do the hard work. The credits are yours to keep and we will cheer you along the way.
  • A compensation that will allow you to maximize your earning potential over time as you achieve what you set out to achieve with us. You are your only competition.


Who are we:

  • A franchise of a listed international company on a growth trajectory with under 100 members now and should grow to 150 by end of 2018 if not sooner bases on current business projection.
  • A mix of expat and local management, many promoted from within. Senior expat management each has 8 to 20 years experiences operating in Vietnam.
  • Headquartered in HCMC with operations in Hanoi and other off site locations at our clients.
  • A CSR aware organization that believes in giving back through community based activities while building our team.


We want to know how much fun you had at your current or previous companies doing what you love and how you may share that fun and success with us in the future.  Apply with your CV and tell us how you may just be the one.

01 Aug 2017


Human Resources

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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People & Performance Manager