Company Spotlight: DEK Technologies

December 26th, 2018
Company Spotlight: DEK Technologies

Interview with Daniel Tedesco, General Director, DEK Technologies

Tell us about your company.

DEK Technologies provides high quality software and hardware development services with proven capabilities in all aspects of end-to-end product development.

DEK Technologies is a professional organization that places high value on people and the individual competence that they contribute. People enjoy working with us. They enjoy the team camaraderie, flexibility, opportunities for travel, and feeling part of the company’s success.

With over 300 employee in offices situated in Melbourne Australia, Stockholm Sweden, Rome Italy, and Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, you too can be a key part of our success.

How many employees do you have?

DEK Technologies Vietnam has 157 employees. (September 2016)

What makes your company stand out compared to others in the same industry?

At DEK Technologies Vietnam, our vision is; “To be an employer of choice and show the world the incredible talent of Vietnam”.

We want people to be happy and enjoy working with us. We want to show that Vietnam is a country to be reckoned with as it’s been said to be one of the most attractive countries for software outsourcing. DEK Technologies Vietnam has a great company culture where people belong, trust, develop, and grow together. Therefore, it is important that we have people who strongly believe in our values. We do not believe in hierarchy, it is only when everyone works together as a team that we can achieve the best possible outcomes for ourselves and our customers. We need to follow through, be open and honest, and appreciate that learning and improving is a never ending endeavor.

What do you think makes your company a great place to work?

We have an open and honest culture where people are valued, treated fairly, trusted and empowered.

We have a friendly and supportive environment showing that our organization is focused on our staff.

We also have sport and music clubs along with annual trips for the staff and great working facilities.

Tell us about opportunities you have for career advancement and talent development.

– Opportunities for short and long-term training/work overseas
– Working with projects that span multiple countries and time zones
– Developing technologies/features for the future
– Innovations laboratory known as the DEK Lab where employees can create awesome products

What are the top 3 traits you look for when recruiting a new employee?

– Good attitude, flexible to learn new things with a can-do and proactive mindset
– Strong technical and programming language skills
– Passionate and willing to build a career in a professional and multicultural work environment

Why do you think International Alumni would be the best fit for your business?

We have an environment that promotes empowerment and taking responsibility.

To apply to join the DEK team, visit